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Hello and welcome to my website where I display my large collection of (mostly) Gerry Anderson models and props, plus several other projects and items from films and television shows that I have been very interested in over the past 58 years of my life.
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But be aware that I whilst I do occasionally sell some of my models (and you can always make me an offer for them) I only really make models for myself, as this is not a business it's just my hobby. If you have never made a model yourself, or just made model kits, then I can tell you that these scratchbuilt replicas take an awful long time to produce, and if you asked me to build a model for you then you might actually die from old-age before I finished it!(LOL) Plus I would really like them all for my own growing collection - sorry.
Model NEWS
9th August 2020

Amazingly after nearly 40 years studio models of the Terrahawk craft have surfaced and are being prepared for sale! Having talked too and provided information to the people organising this I can share some photographs of the ZEAF miniature that has survived, specifically images of the bottom of the vehicle which we have never seen before. Hopefully this will allow fans, including myself, to finally build good replicas of this popular craft. Hopefully more new photos will soon be appearing when the public view the items.

30th June 2020

I have just got around to updating my Terrahawks Behind the Scenes pages. Adding new pages for the models of Spacetank, Hawklet, Hudson, as well as adding new pictures to other existing pages. Also I have added pages for the popular Zeroids and Cube props. If you have ever wanted to build replicas of these items then these pages should be a big help.

See - Terrahawk Index Page

12th June 2020

I have finally found some time to revise my Moon Zero Two pages. This is mostly the two page 'review' featuring more photographs and making the existing ones a bit bigger. Also some more photos of the main craft.

See - Moon Zero Two Review

1st June 2020

In a big change to normal I have finally bought a Dinky Eagle toy, 45 years after it was released!
It was still as bad as I thought when I was a kid so I set about improving it, the rebuild article is in the Gerry Anderson model build pages.
I would like to say that it was a bit of fun but it was actualy a right pain to do, especially for the eyes as the parts are so small, but it turned out OK.

See - Dinky Rebuild

The original Spacehawk filming model was back in my workshop for further repairs. Not as bad as last time but one whole side-section had been ripped off and there were many separated parts. Luckily I had a supply of leftover parts from my own replica build to replace the missing smaller items. Some paint repairs were also required, and matching the very aged and varied paint layers was a challenge.

*New photo article - To see the 2015 Restoration page click HERE

Anyone who has visited my house or read the website article on 'Building a Moonbase Alpha style living room' will be a little sad to hear that I have finally removed most of it as we simply needed to redecorate, and it did unfortunately take up a fair bit of space.
I would still recomend that people give it a go, and style a room after your own favourite TV series, as it was fun while it lasted.

Recently I received a collection of broken model parts in several plastic carrier bags that comprised about 4/5ths of an old 44" Eagle model that I had built in the early 1990s! All of the parts were damaged in some way, except for the Beak section, as it had suffered multiple crash-landings in the 17-years it has been away. But with a full strip-down and many replacement parts it can hopefully be rebuilt into something new and improved.

Another recent repair job was for my friend Phil Rae, whose favourite studio-model the 'UFO' Moonbase Interceptor (only known surviving large-sized filming miniature) had been severely damaged. Phil managed to get this model from the Dinky factory where it had been sent to aid the creation of their UFO toy range in the early 1970s. It had been badly damaged when a burglar breaking into the factory one night had stood on it, so Phil had to restore the model around 1980, but since then it had been damaged again and needed further attention.

5th Feb 2020

Having read the recent book by Adam Savage (Every Tool's a Hammer) I decided to follow his idea for maintaining forward momentum in model making by making lists of projects and updating it so that you see your progress improving each week. Unfortunately the list that I made clearly shows that I am actually working on over 40 models at the present time, which was a surprise! Here are pictures of some of the ones floating about my workshop whilst the others 'rest' in the loft.

My long awaited (about 40-years!) studio-sized 'Moon Zero Two' replica project has finally got underway. This will be done in plastic sheeting for the hull and brass tubing for the legs. I am using 3mm plasticard and creating layers in many areas to get a 6mm or 9mm thick hull. The finished model will have full interior details and hopefully a rotating radar to match what is seen in the film.

Below - A pretty varied bunch as I think you will agree. A 1/48th scale kit modification into Moonraker Shuttle, studio-sized SPV and MSV, 1/3rd sized Enterprise, new Starbugs, Spectrum Helecopter, Eagle rebuild, Hawkwing, Zeaf, big X-Wing, and new (version 3) moonbase Interceptors, a Dinky Eagle rebuild/paint, and even a (dare I say it) CGI TB2 redesign.... and NO I do not like the TV show!

Other projects are 22" Eagles, X-Bomber, Zeroid, Millenium Falcon, SPC, Skydivers (rebuild and new build), new TB2s, MZ2 spacesuits restoration, Airfix 1/24th Mosquito into 633 Squadron version, Joe 90 Explosives Trucks, and revamp TB3, TB4, and Stingray!

And finally for this round of model news I would like to point out that I have finally decided to set up a page just to answer the question that most of my website visitors seem to want to ask me, which is 'Do you have plans for Stingray?'

Being a helpful sort of chap I have pulled together some plans and photos that people can now use without having to contact me and you can see the page link - HERE

I may follow this up with a 'Have you got pictures of Thunderbird 2 page' as that also seems very popular.


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