A record of the original 44" Eagle studio miniature being repaired, and then restored back to a more authentic finish.
A look at the work done to clean up and repair one of the spacesuit costumes from the series 'Space: 1999'.
Photographs, mostly taken back in the early 1990s, of the various 'Space: 1999' models then owned by collector Phil Rae.
Original Prop Photo's.

Here you can see photographs that I have taken of original studio props that have come into my possession over the many years, or that I have had the pleasure of viewing up close, and/or doing repair work on.

I own the Eagle and the Spacesuit.


The original studio 44" Eagle 1 Transporter model as it is today after its 2002 restoration.
The Overlander, one of the best models from the TV series 'Terrahawks' being stripped, repaired and restored.
A close-up look at the original large studio model of the MkIX Hawk, built by Martin Bower for the TV series Space: 1999.