Bored with wallpaper, wood cladding, or stone fireplaces? Then do something a little different with your living room and recreate your favourite Sci-Fi environment.
Back in the early 1980s, inspired by 'Star Wars', 'Alien' and the many other Sci-Fi films appearing, I decided to give it a go myself and film my own epic movie using a Super-8 camera in my parents attic.
Other Projects
and Non-Anderson Scratchbuilds.

When I'm not busy building Eagle Transporters, or Thunderbird models, then I do occasionally work on other projects not associated with Gerry Anderson productions - here are a few of them.


The TV series 'Red Dwarf'' has produced some good effects work over the years, with its best creation being the green spaceship Starbug.
A few years ago I realised that the only motorcar that I had ever really enjoyed owning was my first one, a rusty 1978 Datsun 120a Coupe. So with only a few left in Britain it was time to get myself one again - or three!